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4 Ways Your Renters Insurance Policy Covers You Outside Your Texas Home 

July 26 2022
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Any way you look at it, renters insurance in Texas is quite a deal. It covers you for multiple types of property loss and provides liability coverage in case you’re sued by someone who is injured on your premises. 

But there’s even more to your Texas renters policy. Your policy can also include at least four important coverage benefits that kick in even when you’re not at home. 

In other words, your renters insurance doesn’t just provide financial security when you’re in your apartment, duplex, condo, or other rented living space. You might also file a claim for situations outside your home. Here are four examples. 

1. Your Stuff Is Damaged or Stolen in the Move to Your Texas Apartment 

Let’s say you leave your moving van or pickup truck in front of your apartment building and start to move your belongings into your new space. Your things are left unguarded while you and your friends are taking in the first load, and someone takes the opportunity to steal a box of your pricey collectibles. 

As another example, maybe your moving van gets hit while parked in front of your new living space and a computer or printer is damaged. In these and other scenarios, your renters insurance policy can offer coverage. 

As always, your claim will be paid based on your coverage limits and your deductible. Call your insurance agent as soon as you discover you’ve experienced a loss or damage while in transit. 

2. You Must Relocate While Displaced From Your Rented Space in Texas 

This can be an incredibly valuable coverage feature. Let’s say a hurricane or tornado touches down and causes significant damage to your rented duplex. Between the effect of the strong winds and flooding, your home is unlivable until it can be dried out, carpets and drapes replaced, walls replastered, and additional work completed. It will take at least several weeks. Maybe a couple of months. Where will you and your family live in the meantime? 

It can be well beyond your budget to rent hotel space during the restoration. Your family and friends might be able to put all of you up for a few days, but not for as long as you need replacement housing. 

Don’t worry. Your Texas renters insurance will provide funds for your temporary housing and related expenses, including meals. This can mean coverage benefits of thousands of dollars, and a check that can turn a financial disaster into a mere inconvenience. 

3. Your Goods Get Filched From a Vehicle or Storage Unit in Texas 

If any of your possessions were stolen while in your apartment or other rental space, you’d expect to be able to file a claim with your rental insurance provider. What you might not expect is that you can do the same if your stuff is stolen while in your parked car or even a storage unit far from your covered home in Texas. 

Your insurer knows that your life doesn’t quit once you exit your front door. You might have possessions in multiple locations beyond your main living quarters. File a police report and call your insurance agent if you find that your car or a storage unit has been broken into and items are missing or damaged. 

4. You’ve Lost Your Valuables Away From Home 

For this scenario, you might need a policy rider at an additional cost to cover specific items against loss out of your rented space. For instance, let’s say you have a tendency to lose your smartphone. You’re going overseas on vacation and you know that such a loss could be especially expensive. So, you first call your Texas insurance agent and ask about purchasing a rider to cover that phone for a period of time. 

You might have that rider permanently added to your renters insurance policy, or only put it in effect while you’re overseas. Either way, it’s an added level of financial security and protection for the loss of specific big-ticket items or items that would be especially inconvenient to lose. 

Remember, if you bundle your Texas car insurance and renters insurance, you can find some sweet deals on your insurance premium. 

empty storage unit

A Note about Coverage Limits and Deductibles 

All of these additional renters insurance benefits are offered under the same conditions as the policy benefits you already know about. You and your insurance agent should discuss each of the following before settling on a renters insurance plan that’s right for you. 

Coverage Limits 

This is simply the ceiling on your coverage—the maximum amount your insurer will pay for a claim. 

You don’t want to purchase a policy with coverage limits that are too low or you might only be reimbursed for a fraction of the value of your damaged, destroyed, or stolen goods. On the other hand, you also don’t want your coverage limit set at a higher amount than your possessions are worth, or you’ll be paying more than necessary for your policy. 

The smartest plan is to conduct a home inventory to get an estimate that’s as accurate as possible. There are several free or low-cost home inventory apps that can help you easily perform this task. 


Your deductible is the amount you agree to pay for a covered claim before your insurer pays anything. So if you have a $250 deductible, that amount would be deducted from the value of your covered loss in a house fire, for example. 

One strategy to reduce the cost of your renters insurance premium is to accept a higher deductible. If you agree to a $1,000 deductible, for instance, your insurer will charge you less than if you had only a $250 deductible, since the higher deductible will make your insurer financially responsible for a lower dollar amount of claim. 

Find Affordable Renters Insurance in Texas Today 

Your first step toward finding the renters insurance policy with the benefits you need at an ideal cost is to call Baja Insurance at (800) 401-6870. You can also get a quick renters insurance quote online or meet up with an independent insurance agent at a Texas location near you


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