Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Texas

At Baja Insurance, we believe all people should have access to cheap car insurance. Whether you have an excellent driving record or poor driving record, our agents are ready to help you find Texas car insurance that fits your needs and budget.

Even if you’ve had tickets, an accident, or DUI, we will work with you to find auto insurance that doesn’t cost a fortune. There are many different ways to lower how much you pay each month. In fact, this page is going to help you discover driving discounts you qualify for, as well as other tips and suggestions for finding low-cost car insurance.   For example, you should be willing to shop around and get quotes from different carriers.

We make it easy for you to compare quotes and get the rate you deserve. But to really get the most out of car insurance, you need to know more about how the process works.

How Does Car Insurance Work?

Even if you’ve been driving for many years, you may not know exactly how car insurance works. If you’re not clear how automobile insurance works, then you may effectively be paying too much each month. Learning about car insurance is the best way to find low-cost auto insurance in Texas.

In many ways, your car insurance comes down to two primary factors: the types of coverage you have and the coverage limits.

“Types of coverage” matters because different car insurance policies cover different things. Liability insurance covers damage that you are at fault for when you cause an accident and is legally required by the state of Texas.  Collision insurance covers damages to your vehicle regardless of who was at fault. And comprehensive insurance covers things that might happen to your vehicle when you aren’t driving (including theft and vandalism).

The more types of coverage you have, the more you generally pay. However, you’ll also have more protection against bills for injuries and damage. Furthermore, you can set the limits for each type of coverage. Think of this a bit like your health insurance: if you meet the conditions for your insurance carrier to pay out money, they won’t be able to pay anything over the limit. A lower limit means a lower monthly premium, but it also means you will get a lower payout in the event of an accident.

Your Baja Auto Insurance agent will listen to your needs and help you decide which coverage is best for you and your family.

Is Car Insurance Affordable for Texans?

As we noted before, every driver is trying to get affordable car insurance. If you live in Texas, you can’t help but look at other states and ask yourself: is car insurance really that affordable in Texas? Relatively speaking, the answer to that question is yes. The average annual cost of the state-required minimum car insurance in Texas is $500. That is a bit cheaper than the national average annual car insurance cost of the required minimum, which is $565.

However, it’s important to remember that these are averages. Depending on where you live in Texas, you may end up paying more or less than the state average. Car insurance companies look at Texans’ driving record, age and many other factors before citing a quote, so your rate may be quite different. Baja Auto Insurance will help you find the cheapest car insurance to meet your current situation.

The upside of this is that simply moving to a different city or even a different part of your current city can positively impact your bill. By the same token, a move could negatively affect your car insurance rate. Regardless, you should always provide any changes in your information to your agent.

What Is the Average Car Insurance Cost In Texas?*

The average car insurance rate in Texas is $42 per month for the state-required minimum and $152 for full coverage. As we hinted at above, you will end up paying either more or less than that based in part on where you live. The average full coverage monthly rate is $150 in Austin, $179 in Houston, $169 in Brownsville and so on.

The types of coverage and the coverage limits you get will largely define how much you end up paying. While it’s easier said than done, everyone who really wants low-cost auto insurance must figure out the balance of how much protection they want with how much they are willing to pay each month.

In addition to your location, other factors help your insurance carrier determine how much your premium will be. This includes your age, credit score, the type of car you drive, and even your marital status.

If any of these things change (such as improving your credit score), let your insurance carrier know and you may be able to get a lower rate.

*We use the following methodology to arrive at our average cost: male, age 30, lowest possible legal coverage allowed by state. Your rates will be determined by several factors, including your age, your gender and the amount of coverage you want to purchase

What Are Some Discounts for Car Insurance in Texas?

Aside from swapping carriers, the second-best way to achieve affordable car insurance is simple: you need to contact your insurance company and ask about discounts they offer.

Every carrier offers car insurance discounts for certain driving behaviors and good customers. This usually includes discounts for safe driving, for completing a driving safety course, for installing anti-theft devices, and many more.

You may already qualify for discounts and not know it. Some discounts may require just a little effort on your part to save quite a bit of money. But you won’t know what discounts are available until you reach out to your carrier. Check in with your insurance agent at Baja Auto Insurance if your circumstances change, for example, if you start working from home. You may be able to save some money because you are putting less mileage on your vehicle and traveling on the roads less frequently.

Compare Car Insurance Rates

“How can I get cheap car insurance in Texas” is a question we get asked quite a bit at Baja Auto Insurance. While there are ways to lower your monthly bill with your current insurance carrier, your best bet is almost always to compare different insurance companies.

While it’s possible to pay for your car insurance well ahead of time, most drivers simply pay month to month. That means nothing is keeping you from reaching out to other insurance companies and getting quotes and potentially changing carriers as early as today.

There is no risk to getting quotes from other companies. It won’t affect your current insurance, and you don’t have to sign up for anything. But by comparing car insurance rates across multiple companies, you can get the rate you deserve. At Baja Auto Insurance, we specialize in helping drivers compare rates across different companies.

Get Low-Cost Auto Insurance in Texas Today

Now you know the most important details to help you get affordable car insurance in Texas, as well as lowering your bill. But what if you could get great quotes with a single click of your mouse?

Here at Baja Auto Insurance, we specialize in keeping Texas drivers safe as they explore the Lone Star State. To get started, you can simply request a quote online or come into one of our local offices and chat with us. You can also pick up the phone and give us a call at 800-401-6870. We look forward to hearing from you!