Safety Tips for Texas Spring Road Trips

May 23, 2022
Young people having fun in a jeep

Planning a spring road trip in the Lone Star State? Sounds like fun! Let’s look at some safety tips to take care of upfront so you can just focus on enjoying your trip once you...

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Distracted Driving in Texas

May 16, 2022
Young woman uses phone in distracted driving

Distracted driving is a big focus for Texas legislators and car insurance companies alike. But with so many different types of distracted driving laws that apply to different people, you can’t help but wonder: What...

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Can I Drive a Car Without Insurance?

January 13, 2021
front view of freeway with cars from the inside of a cars drivers seat

If you have ever found yourself between insurance plans for various reasons, there is one burning question on your mind — is it possible to drive without car insurance? The short answer is that it’s...

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