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One Simple Trick to Pull Your Car out of Sand

March 18 2016

Your auto insurance coverage can do you a lot of favors, but odds are, if you’re stuck in sand, mud, or snow solo, you’re going to have to solve the problem yourself (likely by calling a tow truck). Getting your car towed can be costly, though, and even in the best of cases, getting stuck and waiting for a tow is a huge timesink, and if you were on the road, you likely have somewhere to be. There are plenty of tricks out there for getting out of snow, sleet, and mud, so today, we’ll be tackling a type of terrain that the old tricks won’t work on – sand.


The New Viral Method

Lately, we’ve seen this video gaining a lot of popularity online. With nearly 500,000 views, the video shows a group of men with a problem common in Texas – their car is stuck in the sand, and no amount of pushing and engine revving is helping. The solution they find is incredibly effective and simple, but you will need a few supplies if you’re interested in trying this out yourself.

You’ll need a digging implement of some sort, a bag, and a strong length of rope, three things you may already keep in your vehicle. In the video, we see a man begin to dig a long, narrow hole in the ground, gathering the collected sand in a torso-sized bag. The bag is then tied tightly shut and lashed to what appears to be the vehicle’s back tire. Now that everything’s ready, the bag is buried and things start getting interesting.

As the driver of the vehicle applies the gas, the car is able to gain traction on the rope and get un-stuck. An effective solution to a hopeless situation, no doubt, but how does this new technique compare to the standard tried-and-true solution?


The Old Standard Method

You have your choice of Dallas car insurance plans, but when it comes to solutions to being stuck in the sand, the selection is very limited. The general consensus is that being stuck in the sand is a difficult situation, and if you’re on your own, you might quickly run out of options.

The first thing you should try is gently accelerating out of the rut you’re in. If you’re not stuck to badly, this might allow you to catch some momentum and get out of the rut you’re in, but if you’re particularly stuck, you’re going to need a little help. By gently accelerating, letting off the gas, and having a friend push, you can “rock” yourself out of the rut and eventually gain traction. Digging out the loose sand from around your tires can help, but things are looking pretty bleak.

It looks like this new solution might just be a breakthrough for people worried about becoming entrenched in sand! The solution demonstrated in the video might require a little more preparation, but it’s immeasurably more effective than other methods. If you’re often stuck in sand, it might be worth your time to give this new method a try (but don’t forget to carry a good car insurance plan too).