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6 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Car

January 6 2016

You have auto insurance for a reason – eventually, something is going to go wrong, and chances are, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, a cheap auto insurance plan can save you from many worst-case scenarios, but even with the help of insurance, unexpected expenses can be an obstacle. That’s why today, we’re going to show you a few of the massive, car-ruining mistakes that you probably make every day.

1. The Wrong Time to Shift into Drive

Car driver

If the average car is traveling at about 4mph, its combined weight and momentum add up to the force of a speeding bullet. As surprising as that statistic is, what’s more surprising is how much damage you can do by shifting into drive while still moving backwards. By putting all of that weight on the fine teeth of the gear you’re shifting into, you’re cause irreversible damage to your transmission.

2. Untreated Water Doesn’t Go in the Radiator

The cooling system in your car is capable of tremendous pressure, and if you’re only adding water to your radiator, that pressure can cause the water to boil and find its way into your engine block. This becomes a problem when winter comes, expanding the ice and cracking the engine block itself.

3. Tinted Windows and Windex Don’t Mix

Windex is a great household cleaner, but it’s so effective because it contains ammonia, a chemical that can turn your nice tinted windows purple with an application or two. Automotive cleaning solutions are available that will give your windows a better shine without the discoloration.

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4. Your Engine Has a Favorite Oil


Motor oil is not one-size-fits-all. In fact, there are a staggering variety of different products, but before getting too in-depth, you have to meet your vehicle’s basic viscosity requirements. Your engine was built for a certain viscosity of oil – find out what it is and start using it! Find this info in your car’s owner’s manual or online.

5. Oil Works Best Warm

Putting oil in your car is great (completely essential), but if your car isn’t warm enough before you start driving, the oil you added might be going to waste. Be sure to warm your car up to a nice, comfortable temperature before speeding off – this will make it easier to clean your windshield and prevent premature wear and tear of your car’s engine.

6. Treat the Disease, Not the Symptoms


If there’s a light on on your dash, it’s on for a reason. The reason: something has actually gone wrong and requires your attention. Ignoring the lights on your dash does nothing but add to your problems. Always investigate dash lights, and don’t hesitate to call a mechanic for more information on what each individual light might mean.

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