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The Glaring Danger of Driving into the Winter Sun

December 16 2016

Driving directly into the sun is dangerous any time of year, but during the winter it can be even more so. That’s because the lower angle of the sun can often make your sun visor almost useless when driving to or from your destination. And, that increases your chances of having an auto accident – from minor to serious.


You’re Not Imagining Things


So, you’re not imagining things, if you’ve suspected the winter sun to be brighter than the summer sun. But, the hazard can be greatly compounded when the lower, brighter sun reflects off wet pavement. While ice and snow can also cause excessive glare conditions, they are generally more the exception than the rule in the state of Texas.


Simple Tips When Driving in the Sun


That said, glare can make driving and seeing the road ahead more of a challenge.  And, the added risk to your safety and that of your fellow motorists and innocent pedestrians you may not notice in time makes it worth following these few simple tips when driving directly into the sun:


  • Wear polarized sunglasses

Invest in some quality polarized lenses since they are the most effective means of combating glare.

  • Use your sun visor

Although your sun visor won’t cut down glare, it can help to block out the sun, which can still be helpful.

  • Remove clutter from dashboard

If you’re one of those drivers who like to toss their phone bill and other mail on the dashboard – remove it. White envelopes, paper and laminated materials are highly reflective and only add to the glare – not to mention increase your odds of an accident.

  • Leave extra room

If you can’t see where you’re going because the sun is in your eyes, slow down and leave additional room between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. Brake lights can be difficult to see or they may not be operating. In either case, you’re at risk of a crash that will be considered your fault by your auto insurance company.

  • Drive with your headlights on

Because you’re probably not the only one dealing with the dangerous glare, drive with your headlights on to make yourself more visible to other drivers.


While these driving tips can lessen your chances of an accident, you may also want to observe these maintenance tips as well:

  • Be sure to keep your windshield clean, both inside and out.
  • Be sure to replace worn wiper blades.
  • Be sure to maintain the windshield washer level so you can clean your windshield as needed when driving.
  • Be sure to replace cracked or pitted windshields whenever possible.

Use Lane Markers to Guide You

Finally, should you be unable to see the road due to excessive glare, try to use the lane markings to help guide you rather than looking directly into the glare. You stand a better chance of avoiding an auto accident, if you observe as many of these helpful suggestions as you can.

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