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7 Reasons Why Texas Winters Require a Roadside Assistance Plan 

December 14 2022
texas license plate buried in snow

What if a single accident put your entire family in danger? 

This happens to many Texas families every year during the winter. When you combine poor driving conditions with tired, often-impaired drivers, there are more accidents on the road. If you get into an accident and cannot fix the car yourself, you and your family may be stuck out in the cold. 

Of course, if you had roadside assistance, helping your family would be as simple as making a phone call. Curious if you need such assistance? Keep reading to discover 7 reasons why every Texas driver needs a roadside assistance plan to help make it through winter! 

1. Cars Aren’t Always Fully Winterized 

In a perfect world, every car on the road this time of year should be winterized. This means the drivers have checked the fluids, battery, brakes, and other elements for any signs of wear or damage. 

In reality, even if you fully winterize your own vehicle, it’s highly likely that most drivers haven’t done so. Therefore, you may view every other car on the road as a potential accident waiting to happen in the unforgiving winter cold. 

At the end of the day, you can’t control what other drivers do, before or after they get behind the wheel (one of the reasons good car insurance is so important). But with a roadside assistance plan, you’ll have the support you need in the event of an accident or other emergency. 

2. Dangers of Icy Bridges and Overpasses 

During the winter, some parts of the road are more dangerous than others. In Texas, drivers need to be particularly weary of icy bridges and overpasses during the winter. 

These areas are very dangerous because they are the first to freeze over. So even if you don’t see much ice on other parts of the road, it may be waiting for you on the next bridge. Even the simple act of applying the brakes can send your car spinning. 

When that happens, it’s easy to panic, but afterward, roadside assistance can help jumpstart or tow your car as needed. This is far better than sitting out in the cold and worrying about what happens next! 

3. Black Ice is Particularly Dangerous 

Some drivers don’t worry too much about ice on the road because they figure they will see the ice ahead of time. Like any other potential road hazard, it’s easier to avoid or navigate when you see the threat coming (although you need to be wary of the glaring winter sun). 

During winter, one of the biggest threats Texas drivers face is black ice. Despite the name, “black” ice is almost completely invisible to the naked eye. To make things even scarier, your car drives very differently on such a surface because black ice dramatically affects how your car brakes and even how it steers. 

Unfortunately, black ice is a threat you will have to face every single winter, but you don’t have to face it alone. If this ice sends your car into the snow, a good roadside assistance program can help pull your car out and get you back on the road. 

car driving on icy highway

4. Brakes Are Less Effective in the Rain and the Snow 

Growing up, you may have heard your parents express that they were less worried about you than the other drivers on the road. That saying is quite true when it comes to how other drivers react to winter weather. 

For example, you’re reading this because you want to be a better and safer driver during the winter. Other drivers may not realize that their brakes are less effective in the rain and the snow. This can be a big problem, especially when they accelerate on icy or snowy roads and then have trouble stopping (a problem made worse if they are distracted). 

If such a driver crashes into you, roadside assistance can help tow your vehicle. That, at least, gives you one less thing to worry about! 

5. Getting Locked Out of the Car May Be Deadly 

Getting locked out of your own car is never fun, but it’s usually not much to worry about. However, during the winter, freezing temperatures are often made worse by rain and snow. If you get locked out of your car in a remote location, the freezing temperature may put you and your family in danger. 

One of the best features of a roadside assistance plan is that it can help get you back into your car if you should ever get locked out. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t be locked out of your car for very long. If you were headed to a holiday party or to visit with family, you won’t have to worry about a major delay. 

6. Not Enough Distance Between Cars 

During winter, the state of Texas recommends having at least three car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. Even when driving in the snow and ice, this should give you enough time to react to sudden moves the driver in front of you makes. 

As we noted before, though, not every Texas driver is playing things as safe as you are. You may have drivers ride your bumper and even crash into you. If this should happen, though, roadside assistance is here to help you get things back to normal. 

7. Tires May Be in Poor Condition 

Tires are a major cause of accidents during the winter. This is because many tires are in poor condition. Your tires may have poor tread depth, low pressure, and other issues that make them dangerous on the road. Unless you inspect your tires at the beginning of the season, you may not realize how dangerous the tires really are! 

It’s best to check those tires when you are winterizing your vehicle. If you end up getting an unexpected flat tire, roadside assistance can help you change it out. 

Texans Get the Roadside Assistance Plan You Need Today! 

Now you know why a roadside assistance plan is so important. But do you know where to find the plan you and your family deserve? 

At Baja Insurance, we make it easy to request a quote online, but if you’d prefer to come into one of our local offices and chat with us, we’ll be happy to see you. If you’re very busy, just pick up the phone and give us a call at 800-401-6870


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