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Texas Bans Named Driver Auto Policies in 2020

January 9 2020

Beginning this year, the state of Texas is no longer allow named driver exclusion policies. Some Texas drivers will be affected by this change, and others may not. Let’s discuss what this new law means for Texas residents who may have had car insurance policies with named driver exclusions.

Named and Unnamed Drivers

A named driver policy is a car insurance policy that only provides coverage for drivers specifically named on the policy and not for all individuals residing in the insured’s household. House Bill 259 prohibits insurers from delivering, issuing for delivery, or renewing named driver policies on or after January 1, 2020. Instead, insurance companies can exclude family members and other household residents from coverage only if those persons are specifically named and excluded on the policy. When you purchased your Texas car insurance policy, you had two options: you could cover everyone who uses your car, or opt for a more restricted definition of who is covered in exchange for a lower price. Many people chose the second option to save money.

An unnamed driver is a driver who isn’t included in your insurance policy.

If a driver who is not listed on your policy drives your car and gets in an accident, he or she could be denied coverage because they were not specifically named on the policy, and you could be held responsible for damages.

The new law does not allow the insurance company to renew any named driver policy after January 1. All insurance companies are required to provide a 30-day notice of non-renewal for such plans.

What Should I Do?

If you live in Texas and have auto insurance, call your agent to check your policy. Your insurance agent can help you understand the terms of your car insurance policy and help you make any changes.

We’re Here to Help

Texas customers whose car insurance policies had named driver exclusions were required to update their policies before January 1. If you have not done so, don’t worry. Our experienced agents can assist you.

At Baja Insurance, we take a lot of pride in offering affordable insurance products that provide peace of mind. Call or stop by today and let us help you get reliable car insurance. 


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