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Do You Need Renters Insurance in Dallas?

September 8 2021
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Renters insurance is a great way to protect your family and your property, but you need it more in some areas than others. And Texas residents can’t help but wonder: do you need renters insurance in Dallas?

The short answer is “yes.” One clear example of this was the deep freeze that hit Texas residents in 2021. While their homeowner’s insurance protected homeowners, many who rent suddenly found themselves with nowhere to live and no way to protect items that were damaged or lost.

Renters insurance can protect you from this scenario and many more. Keep reading to discover why this insurance is a “must-have” for all Dallas residents.

What Is Renters Insurance?

In short, a renters insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company. The agreement outlines specific events in which the insurance company will pay money. This money is intended to do three main things: repair or replace your property, provide liability coverage, and help pay for living expenses if you can no longer live in the home you rent.

To better understand how renters insurance works, let’s take a closer look at the different types of coverage.

Types of Renters Insurance Coverage

In its own way, renters insurance is a bit like car insurance. That is because there are multiple types of coverage, and each one offers you protection from certain events happening. Here is a breakdown of coverage you can get and what it means for you and your property:

Personal property coverage. If your property is damaged or stolen, your insurance will pay to repair or replace it. But they will not pay any higher than the coverage limit specified in your policy, so you may want to get a high limit if you have many valuable items to protect.

Liability coverage. It protects you if you should accidentally damage a guest’s property or are at fault for a guest injuring themselves. This insurance will help pay for their property and medical bills up to the coverage limit in your policy.

Finally, additional living expenses coverage pays out if the home you rent is rendered uninhabitable. This coverage will pay for your stay in a hotel, meaning you won’t have to worry about where to take your family if there is a major accident.

Is Renters Insurance Legally Required In Dallas?

The short answer is “no.” Neither the city of Dallas nor the state of Texas can force you to get renters insurance. However, nothing keeps your landlord from requiring you to get renters insurance, so be sure to check the lease very carefully before signing.

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In other words, some tenants are indeed strongarmed into getting this insurance coverage. But, in reality, all Dallas renters should get proper insurance protection simply because it is the best way to protect their family and their property.

Do I Need Renters Insurance in Dallas?

Protect Your Home from Theft

So, let’s get down to brass tacks. Why do those who live in Dallas need renters insurance more than someone who lives in another city?

The main reason is that your home and property may be at risk. In 2016 alone, there were a whopping 10,948 burglaries. And once a burglar is in your home while you are away, there is absolutely nothing you cannot take.

And without insurance coverage, there is little you or your roommates can do if your property is stolen or damaged by burglars short of filing a police report. But if you have renters insurance, you can sleep with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your most valuable property can be repaired or replaced if need be.

Get a Place To Stay In An Emergency

Everybody loves insurance when it pays out for a qualifying event. But most of us spend a lot of time asking the big question: “how likely is that event to happen?”

For example, we covered how renters insurance will pay for a hotel and other living expenses if you can no longer stay in the home you rent. You might think that is unlikely, but it has happened to some Dallas residents twice in recent memory.

In the summer of 2020, the Texas energy grid was overloaded in the summer heat. This made things miserable for many residents in Dallas, and some who rented had nowhere to stay when this resulted in damage and other conditions that rendered their home uninhabitable.

We saw a kind of repeat of this during the winter. The grid was overloaded once more, and fierce winter storms knocked the power out, often for long periods of time. Many who rented homes who lost power had to suddenly find somewhere to stay so they didn’t freeze to death.

Long story short? Those renters who had insurance had an extra layer of protection against these unexpected events. And you can enjoy that same protection against these and future unexpected events by getting the best renters insurance in Dallas today.

The Best Renters Insurance In Dallas for You

Now you know whether or not you need renters insurance for your Dallas home. But what if getting the insurance coverage you need was just a click away?

Baja Insurance can make it easier than ever to get the best renters insurance in Dallas. You can request a quote online, come into one of our local offices, or give us a call at 800-401-6870.


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