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How College Students Can Save Money on Car Insurance in Texas 

March 13 2023
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What if there was an easy way to have more money left over at the end of the semester? 

It’s no secret that going to college in Texas is very expensive. Tuition goes up every year, textbooks cost a small fortune, and you likely don’t have much extra money because it’s difficult balancing a job with taking classes. 

To make matters worse, car insurance is often higher than average for most college students due to their relatively young age. Unlike tuition or textbook prices, though, this is one situation where you may be able to lower how much you pay with a single phone call. 

Don’t believe it? Keep reading for tips to discover how college students can save money on car insurance in Texas! 

Ditch the Collision Coverage 

If you’re hoping to get cheap car insurance, you should know that the more types of coverage you have, the more you are paying each month. While having liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage gives your car the maximum possible protection, it may be expensive overkill depending on what you drive. 

For example, many parents give their children an older starter car when they turn 16, and this is likely to be the vehicle they bring to college. If your car is older and wouldn’t be expensive to replace, you may want to switch to only having liability coverage. This means your carrier won’t pay anything out should you be responsible for causing an accident, but it also means you’ll be paying less each month. 

Keep Up Those Grades 

One reason you don’t have as much money for your premium at the end of the month is likely that you are spending more time on your studies than on earning cash. If so, here’s some good news: Texas college students can usually get a special insurance discount for maintaining good grades

Ask your carrier about any discounts they have for full-time students who maintain a high grade point average. In order to prove your grades, you may need to have your records sent to the carrier. But this doesn’t take very long, and it can make a big difference in how much you have to pay at the end of the month. 

Students in college

Always Practice Safe Driving 

What do most college students in Texas have in common? Simple: They have parents and other family members back home encouraging them to drive safely while they are away from home. 

Obviously, safe driving should always be a priority, but most don’t realize that a clean record behind the wheel can lead to a lower bill. Chances are that your carrier offers safe driving discounts. Whether the discount is aimed at younger drivers or everyone in the great state of Texas, a clean record may be a simple way to pay less. 

Complete a Defensive Driver’s Education Course 

Driver’s education courses sometimes get a bad reputation. One reason for this is that drivers are often forced to take such courses after they get a DUI or commit other major infractions. However, nothing keeps you from completing a course (including convenient online courses) whenever you want. 

Why would you go out of your way to do that, though? In short, one reason why your premium is so high is that your carrier thinks you are likelier to get into a car accident (most university students in Texas are on the younger side, and younger people statistically get into more accidents) due to things like distracted driving. Once you complete a driving safety course, though, the insurance company will have documented proof that you have taken steps to be better driver and lower your premium accordingly. 

Fraternity and Sorority Students Should Look for Affiliation Discounts 

While it’s not a perfect fit for everyone, countless Texas college freshmen each year join a fraternity or sorority. This can help you get through some very tough times when you realize that, thanks to your brothers or sisters, you don’t have to face the various stresses of university life on your own. 

Here’s one more benefit to pledging yourself to a fraternity or sorority: It may help you qualify for a discount on your automobile coverage. Many carriers offer discounts based on organizations you may join, so be sure and ask. 

Ask About Usage-Based Discounts 

One side effect of attending a university, especially if you live on campus, is that you’ll end up driving less. Since Texas is such a large state, you are probably accustomed to driving long distances to get to your various destinations. Once you’re settled into a university, though, you can rely on student transportation, and those living in dorms or nearby apartments may choose to walk to campus instead of driving. 

In this case, consider asking your carrier about usage-based discounts on your automobile insurance. To qualify, you will need to consent to have a device installed or an app that tells your carrier how much you are on the road. Those who drive less get into fewer accidents (just ask your fellow classmates after spring break), so once your carrier has proof, they can apply some major savings to your premium. 

Get the Most Affordable Texas Car Insurance Today! 

At Baja Insurance, we offer college students the best coverage at the most competitive prices. It’s easy to request a quote online, come into one of our local offices and chat with us, or, if classes are keeping you too busy for a visit, just pick up the phone and give us a call at 800-401-6870.