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7 Reasons to Hire a Tax Preparation Service in Texas Before April

February 20 2023
Two men try to do their taxes

What if you could make on the worst days of the year better with just one step? 

For many people, the worst day of the year is April 15. This is when taxes are due, which can be very stressful. It’s even more stressful if you wait until April to prepare them. 

Texans dreading giving money to Uncle Sam are best off using a good preparation service such as TaxMax, and it’s important to get started sooner rather than later. Why should you hire a professional service before April? Keep reading to discover the answers! 

1. Reduced Risk of Identity Theft from Taxes 

When you’re preparing your taxes, the last thing you are likely worried about is identity theft. However, you need to keep a close eye on this growing issue. 

Recently, more con artists and criminals have been stealing personal identities so they can file fake returns as part of larger fraud schemes. The goal of this con is to take a monetary return meant for you. 

Fortunately, many of these con artists wait until April to put things into motion. If your paperwork has already been professionally prepared and filed before then, you can help protect your money (the same way you protect your automobile with car insurance) and even help the authorities track down the criminal. 

2. You May Pay Less by Using a Tax Preparation Agency 

Nobody hates paying the government quite as much as those who have to pay a large amount. In fact, Texans often spend many sleepless nights trying to find ways to reduce their tax obligation and send less money to the United States government. 

Interestingly, using a preparation service like TaxMax well before April may help you ultimately pay less. That’s because you are giving yourself and your prep service more time to discover how this can be achieved. For the best results, though, consult with the professionals before the end of the year before everything is due because there are time-sensitive ways to reduce your debt, including making certain charitable contributions or contributing to a special 529 savings plan

3. Texans May Get a Bigger Refund with Help 

If you normally get a refund from your return, then the shoe is on the other foot. Instead of finding ways to reduce how much you owe, you are likely exploring ways to increase how much money you receive. Preparing your return with a professional service before April can help you get a larger refund than you otherwise would. 

The simple reason for this is that giving yourself more time to prepare means giving yourself and the service more time to find special credits, deductions, and other write-offs that may provide you with a better payday. Even the most experienced pros may struggle to find much if you wait until the last minute. Getting everything ready well ahead of time is the real key to getting more cash. 

Older couple gets help on their taxes from a tax professional

4. Make the Entire Paying Taxes Process Less Stressful 

Part of what makes April 15 so dreadful for all residents of Texas is that it hangs over you for months into the new year. This causes so much stress that it’s easy to see why the earliest book written on the subject nearly 1,000 years ago was called the “Domesday Book (pronounced doomsday) and commissioned by William I in part to find tax money to fund his war efforts. 

While this paperwork will always be at least a little stressful, you are effectively in control of how long you let that stress hang over your head. Getting a pro to handle your return already removes much of the stress, and doing it earlier means you can finally stop stressing. Just think: By the time most people are freaking out about filing, you’ll be relaxed and worry-free. 

5. Get More Time to Prepare Your Payments 

If you know you are going to owe money this year, then there is a very practical reason you may wish to use a pro and prepare the return sooner rather than later. This is because it gives you more time to prepare to make your payments. 

Frankly, if you know you will owe money and wait until April to file, you’re playing with fire. You might suddenly have a huge amount you need to pay in short order. While it’s possible to make payment arrangements with the IRS, that also means likely spending hours trying to get them on the phone. 

When you file early with a pro, you don’t have to pay until April 15. This gives you important extra time to prepare, both mentally and financially, for how much you owe. 

6. More Personalized Attention 

When you file well before April, it makes things easier on the prep service because they have fewer clients than they will in the coming weeks and months — making things easier on the pros actually makes things better for you as well. 

That’s because, when there are fewer Texans vying for their attention, the professional can pay more individualized attention to you and your account. Not only does this give you a better experience as a client, but it also greatly improves the chances of discovering credits, deductions, and other benefits that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

7. Early Preparation Is Better for Freelancers in TX 

These days, more people than ever are part of the “gig economy.” It’s easy to see why: Taking on extra work here and there gives us some much-needed spare cash, and it can be fun to challenge ourselves with new responsibilities. 

If you are new to it, however, tax time can be hell for freelancers. You may need to learn how to gather important financial info from your clients or what special deductions you may qualify for based on the nature of your work. If you file with a pro before April, they can walk you through everything you need to know, and they’ll have plenty of time to focus on your return and, if needed, contact your other employers. 

Texans, Start Preparing Your Taxes Today! 

Now you know the best reasons to use our partner TaxMax before April. But do you know who helps provide the best insurance for cars, homes, and lives all throughout the great state of Texas? 

Here at Baja Insurance, we’re here to help everyone in the Lone Star State to protect what’s theirs. All you have to do is come into one of our local offices and chat with us. Or if you’re very busy, just pick up the phone and give us a call at 800-401-6870!